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Zepp is a cloud-based healthcare services provider with world-leading smart wearable technology. Since its inception in 2013, Zepp has developed a platform of proprietary technology including AI chips, biometric sensors, and data algorithms, which drive a broadening line of smart health devices for consumers, and data analytics services for population health. It has quickly established its global leadership and recognition in the smart wearable industry, shipping 46 million smart wearable devices and consumer fitness devices in 2020. Leveraging its powerful AI algorithm capabilities along with the massive data analysis, Zepp provides 24x7 health monitoring services to millions of its product users. Zepp seamlessly integrate smart wearable technology into the extensive application senarios of the IoT ecosystem worldwide, creating a smarter and more convenient lifestyle for its users.

Growth Strategies

Smart consumer health and fitness devices

With a vision to connect health with technology, Zepp Health was founded in 2013, serving consumer health and fitness with smartwatches and smart bands. That has expanded into other intelligent health products, such as ear buds, scales and home fitness equipment, as well as consumer services.

Data analytics services

By year-end 2020, Zepp Health had built a base of nearly 40 million active users. As the company's scale has grown, it has begun developing data analytics services to leverage all or parts of its data to population health managers and medical researchers.

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